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1956 Myles Meehan "Frosty mornings" picture. Original price back in 1956 was £4 and that was a lot of money ,many people did not earn that per week.  Good quality piece of art: frame is original and painted cream, gone yellow over time but looks amazing with this panting .

 SALE was £250 now £80 

artist history :

Myles Meehan 


Myles Meehan,born in1904 was a noted artist in England 

especially from the 1940s onward.

His works depict the social and industrial life of England during the 1950s.

He made a bequest of a number of artworks to Darlington borough collections 

and the provision was made from a trust fund to promote the development 

of the visual arts in the Darlington area.

The Darlington arts centre now offers a Myles Meehan fellowship award 

for artists in residence.

Today the gallery hosts innovative and contemporary exhibitions 

of local and national importance. 

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